Unbelievable Google suggestions

By Mark O’Neill

One of the features I like the most in Google is the suggestions feature when you are typing in your keywords. But sometimes you come across some really crazy and outrageous suggestions. I mean, look at these ones….

81,300 pages for that?

Yes, many a long and cold night, I have tapped away at Google, searching for the solution to that riddle. But still the answer eludes me….

You don’t need Google to tell you that one! I suppose it all depends on the class of girl you’re dating! Nice girls don’t fart (apparently) while guys just fart away ALL the time…

Now you may say this is just my imagination but Google searchers seem to have an unhealthy obsession with black people!    First with black kids in the cafeteria and now this?    Why are black people black? What the hell? And are there really 51.9 million pages on the subject?