FREE 1 Year Subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly!

This week, we’ve got yet another awesome free magazine for you guys. The Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine is one of America’s hottest video game publication, bringing you world-exclusive cover stories on the hottest upcoming games, unbiased 3 person game reviews & heavy-hitting interviews with gaming’s most influential creators.

This one won’t last long, so if you’re the kind of person who’s really into gaming, hurry up and subscribe to EGM now (U.S. only).


4 Responses to FREE 1 Year Subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly!

  1. Its also one of this countries last gaming magazines still being published. I think its like one of four. But its the best.

    • I know Alan, but unfortunately, I'm not the one who decide about who are eligible or not… this is an American gaming magazine, and shipping it to other countries probably cost too much to the publisher…

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