Gamer’s Tools Review: Logitech G15 Keyboard and G9 Mouse

Peripherals are a gamer’s best friend. They’re the tools of his trade. You might even say that they are like a Jedi’s light saber, or King Arthur’s Excalibur. Maybe even a pizza delivery guy’s car.

Without these tools, we wouldn’t be able to control the machines which we invest thousands of dollars in. If you’ve got a few grand under your desk, spending a little more on some badass peripherals is perfectly justifiable.

Today, I’m going to take a look at the best gaming keyboard and mouse currently on the market; the G15 keyboard, and G9 mouse. Logitech was kind enough to send me these two slick products so that I can put them through their paces, and show you guys what I really loved.

G9 Gaming Mouse $99

The G9 mouse is an ultimate win for simplicity. What else do you need when you’re fragging noobs in a fast-paced first person shooter?

On the outside you’ll immediately notice the swappable grips. Unlike other mice, the level of customization on this baby is incredible. Simply pressing the quick-release button ’round back dislodges your current grip so that a new one can be snapped on in an instant. It’s so effortless, in fact, that it can even be preformed mid-game. If you start to get bored with the discomfort in your hand after playing Unreal Tournament for 8 hours, just swap grips and go about your pwning. Two different grips are included.

On the right you will find Back and Forward buttons which can be customized to perform tasks based on application. Most mice have these nowadays so it isn’t anything you’ll have to get used to.

Up top, the standard right-click button is replaced with a recessed alternative which comfortably cradles your trigger finger. Behind that is an on-the-fly DPI adjustment rocker switch, followed immediately by a display which indicates your current setting. If you just happen to dislike the displays color, it is easily customizable via the included software.

The scroll wheel is padded with rubber to enhance grip and make switching weapons a breeze. It also features side-scrolling and Logitech’s famous Micro-Gear technology. Micro-Gear was created for scrolling through large documents by allowing the wheel to spin endlessly when flicked. It is activated with the press of a button on the bottom. This is unlike the MX Revolution which allowed switching between modes simply by pressing the scroll wheel down, and can become somewhat of a pain.

After placing my hand over the G9 for the first time, I immediately noticed that its shape isn’t common for a Logitech mouse. It’s much shorter and has a lower profile which enhances in-game accuracy, but can become somewhat uncomfortable with extended use.Game-play was improved instantaneously and whittling away about 9 hours in Unreal Tournament was a truly pleasing experience. The G9 glides on virtually any surface like butter and the two included grips had noticeable effects on my performance.

The one thing that I thought was rather useless is the weight system. Although it does succeed in making the mouse heavier, the same could have been accomplished with different grips. The system consists of four weights which come in 7 and 4 gram varieties, it doesn’t work well for balance though as the weights are grouped very closely together. Like it or not, the weight is still all concentrated in the back.

In all, this is a mouse I highly recommend. It retails for $99 but with a little help from Google, you can find it on the cheap.


– Improved gaming performance
– Interchangeable grips
– Micro-Gear for scrolling through long pages
– On-the-fly DPI switching with customizable LCD


– Weight system kinda pointless
– On the expensive side
– Switching Micro-Gear modes means having to turn over the mouse

G15 Gaming Keyboard $99

The G15 is an excellent all-around keyboard with nifty features which can’t be found in other products. At first glance, the orange back light and awesome gray/black color scheme make for a huge visual impact. You’ll immediately notice the large LCD display up top and plethora of hot-keys. On the back; two USB ports come in handy for plugging in extra peripherals and storage.

That’s it, folks. Although the mouse had an impact on my performance, the keyboard felt about exactly the same as my old PS/2 keyboard, so if your sole reason for purchasing this product for better fragging, spend your $100 elsewhere.

Feature wise, however, the keyboard is packed with neat features. On the left there are two rows of macro keys which can be programmed to enter in any sequence of characters. If you’ve got a long spell to enter in WoW, just hit one of your programmed keys and away you go. It’s also possible to record macros on the fly without having to exit your game.

The LCD does come in handy when listening to music or using your PC for anything other than games. Each LCD mini-app takes up a surprising amount of resources which might interfere with any demanding game. Media keys and other controls around the LCD are well-placed and responsive.

Keys are finished with a slightly rubberized texture and have a comfortable amount of travel and tactile response. I prefer the loud click of old IBM keyboards, however, this is a great mix of performance and silence.


– Great looks with a cool color scheme and back light
– Keys with a rubberized feel for comfort and grip
– 2 USB ports for added functionality
– Macro keys
– Media controls


– Might be expensive for some
– Just a little on the chunky side
– USB ports don’t provide enough power to charge gadgets

Separately they’ll make you strong, but as one you’ll become invincible! The combined advantage of having two of the best gaming peripherals on the market will not only make your games more enjoyable, but easier to play as well. If you’ve invested thousands into a badass gaming rig, $200 shouldn’t stop you from having the extra advantage.

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