Color code your Windows Explorer folders

By Mark O’Neill


Despite my best efforts, my Windows Explorer folders are sometimes a bit of a mess.  Files tend to get scattered around like confetti at a wedding while countless folders containing an assortment of finished work, half-finished work and random musings are all mixed together in one big jumble. My folders are so disorganised that Google Desktop took one look at it and instantly asked me to uninstall it from the desktop.

A friend of mine who suffers from the same disorganization problems suggested Folder Marker which allows you to color code your Windows Explorer folders.   So after finally sorting your files into the right folders, you can then give your work folders a certain colour, your personal documents another colour and so on.  Oh man, I can just see the neatness fanatics jumping all over this one.

You can also assign certain logos to your folders such as “high priority”, “half-done work”, “important files” and so on.   It even lets you upload a few of your own icons if you’d rather use them instead.

So it’s basically the Windows version of the office filing cabinet.   We’ll see if it motivates me to keep everything in the right folders but at least my Windows Explorer is now showing a splash of colour.    Nothing like orange folders to perk up your monitor screen.

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