Dell says good-bye to AMD

As early as only a year ago, AMD was the number one processor choice for computer geeks world wide. Sure, their mobile platform would suck batteries like a hoover and could melt through your desk at the drop of a hat, but they were the favorite. The underdog. The company we supported because they stood up to the bigwigs at Intel. In fact, they were kinda like Linux.

When Dell decided to start marketing machines with AMD processors about two years ago, blogs and online communities such as Digg exploded with joy. Much like when Dell announced Linux based machines.

Today, unfortunately, Dell has stopped shipping AMD based computers via their largest hardware outlet: This might seem like the final nail in AMD’s coffin. The gaming market was their last string and since Intel took over with their newest Core 2 Duo’s, it has been all down hill from there.

Dell stops selling AMD-powered machines online [Engadget]

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