Heat up your hot drinks with the USB mug warmer

By Mark O’Neill

USB mug warmer

It’s important to get your priorities right in life.   The biggest priority is making sure you have a fast broadband internet connection.   The second priority is making sure your tea or coffee stays hot at all times.

That’s why every self-respecting geek needs the USB mug warmer.    As the name suggests, it is a warming platform which plugs into the USB port of your computer.    But if you are reluctant to give up one of your USB ports for this, fear not because the warming device has four extra USB ports which you can use for your other external devices.

But I think the sales page has a serious typo.  It says that the device will warm your drink “up to 80 degrees celsius”.  Shouldn’t that be 80 degrees fahrenheit?   80 degrees celsius is 176 degrees fahrenheit!

That is one hot cup of coffee!!

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