Improve your Wikipedia experience with Inline Article Viewer

By Mark O’Neill

Despite my criticisms of Wikipedia in the past, I still generally find the site an invaluable source of information and as a result, I link to Wikipedia pages all the time.    But sometimes the problem can be that there are too many links to click on.   Some of the links are worth following while others are just useless.   If you’re in a hurry, how do you know where all the quality stuff is?

So yesterday when I found a Greasemonkey script called Inline Article Viewer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.   This script makes my Wikipedia surfing MUCH easier and faster.

Basically it inserts a small icon next to each link on a Wikipedia page and when you click on the icon, it opens that page in an inline frame.    So without leaving the original page, you can view another Wikipedia page and decide if the new page is worth going to.   If not, just shut it down.    It’s like opening a time portal and sticking your head through to have a glimpse.

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