MacHeads: The unecessary movie

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributor, [GAS]

My article on arrogant Mac fans made as little impact as I predicted it would. It seems like the whole community has decided to fight back against my discriminatory work with a movie dedicated solely to the culture behind owning said brand of computer.

Agreed, there are sub-cultures for almost everything, but owning a computer shouldn’t be one. The film, MacHeads, chronicles the lives of people who compare MacWorld to Mecca. Cool, right? Obviously, a religious pilgrimage to a sacred memorial is the same as going to see a technology company unveil some new products.

I hope I’m not coming off as if I hate Mac fans. No, I love them. But why the hell wouldn’t anyone make a movie about owning a damn PC though? How about a movie wherein the lives of people who have Logitech keyboards are explored?

MacHeads, really?


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  1. I would LOVE to see such a movie. And as far as:

    "Agreed, there are sub-cultures for almost everything, but owning a computer shouldn’t be one. "

    Why not?

    "But why the hell wouldn’t anyone make a movie about owning a damn PC though? "

    Because it would suck?

  2. "A Macintosh is still a PC. PC == Personal Computer."

    Yes and no. The word is ambiguous without a context, and I think it is pretty apparent in the context above it was meant a non-Mac (i.e. Windows) machine.

    I just watched that interview with Dear Leader and Bill Gates and a question was asked about the "PC" and even His Steveness himself had to ask the questioner, "Do you mean PC simply as in personal computer or as in a Windows machine."

    Also, of course, the Mac ads would make no sense if "PC" only meant "personal computer" because then you would have Justin fighting against himself.

    Thus my suckage comment remaineth.

    • Well they can't very well just plainly say "Windows" as that would be "fighting dirty" (possibly into the realm of libel or slander, but I don't really know and I always get the two mixed up). So, they try to say something more ambiguous. Up until a few years ago, Apple marketed each new Apple computer as the newest greatest PC.

  3. Well, I wrote it to symbolize some sort of similarity between the two. Windows and Mac. So in that sense the statement was written to show that a movie regarding a culture behind ANY personal computer technology (windows, mac, linux, freebsd, etc, etc.) is pointless.

  4. But you see in so doing you prove the very point us arrogant Mac users have been saying. No one would make such a movie. Because it would suck. You haven't answered, why not a Mac subculture? It may be pointless to you, just as the "vampire subculture" (I just saw this disgusting show on it last night) is pointless and stupid to me. Having a subculture around a common passion is perfectly natural. Now perhaps you are saying people shouldn't be passionate about a computer? Again, why not? People are passionate about a lot of inanimate things. My computer is more to me than simply a tool – it may not be for you, but that doesn't mean really you can write off a whole subculture as inherently pointless.

    As another example, since you say you like Macs, but don't get into the subculture thing. I am a big fan of the show Xena. However, I have never been to, nor really have a desire to, ever go to a XenaCon. They still have them over then years after the series is over. I am not into it, but I can see the why and what of the subculture.

    I could, though I won't bore you with them, give countless reasons why after being with PCs since the time when 2megs of RAM was smokin' hot (I had a Wang, that's how far back I go, and actually paid to get an AOL install disk), why, after all those years, less than one year into owning a Mac, I am now firmly entrenched in the subculture.

    It may not be meaningful for you – cool. You may not like how arrogant we Mac Cultists can be – understandable (though at least for me it is just over-the-top schtick – not completely serious) – but it is apparently meaningful for NUMEROUS other people.

    Did I mention that I love my Mac?

  5. Haha, thanks for providing me with your input. I read all of your comments several times. I can see how in some respect you would be right. Keep commenting!

    Also, that last one made me laugh. Hard. Good stuff.

  6. I am glad I made you laugh!

    In all seriousness, the Mac community means a lot to me. I know that might seem strange to some people, but then again, people who like to watch bowling on tv are very strange to me :)

    And yeah, going to MacWorld for me would have definitely been like a pilgrimage to Mecca. I jokingly call my visits to the local Apple stories my trips to the Holy Land and my MUG (Mac User Group) meetings my cult meeting nights. But then again, you see I am pretty big on snarky jokes and not all that serious. But I do heart my Mac.

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