MacHeads: The unecessary movie

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributor, [GAS]

My article on arrogant Mac fans made as little impact as I predicted it would. It seems like the whole community has decided to fight back against my discriminatory work with a movie dedicated solely to the culture behind owning said brand of computer.

Agreed, there are sub-cultures for almost everything, but owning a computer shouldn’t be one. The film, MacHeads, chronicles the lives of people who compare MacWorld to Mecca. Cool, right? Obviously, a religious pilgrimage to a sacred memorial is the same as going to see a technology company unveil some new products.

I hope I’m not coming off as if I hate Mac fans. No, I love them. But why the hell wouldn’t anyone make a movie about owning a damn PC though? How about a movie wherein the lives of people who have Logitech keyboards are explored?

MacHeads, really?

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