Mac fans: We’re stuck up!

Ilya Kochanov
Contributor, [GAS]

Macs are cool computers. They’re technologically advanced and awesome looking to boot. They’ve even got a bunch of dandy features like multi-touch, back lit keyboards, and innovative graphical user interfaces. Great.

Owning one however, shouldn’t evoke a self-important smugness and sense of superiority any more than a pair of socks would. Normally this would be regarded as a general rule of thumb: buy a computer for its features and performance. Not to become better than everyone else while enjoying the smell of your own bowel movements.

Based on a survey of 7,500 MacWorld attendees it looks like Mac fans tend to be immodest, open minded liberals who are assured of their superiority. To put it bluntly.

Now, we’re not saying that we don’t like all you Mac folk. We love you. It’s just that having a shiny white laptop doesn’t make you any smarter or any more aware of the world’s issues.

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