Seesmic: A video Twitter on steroids

Even if I am a French Canadian guy, I rarely browse the French blogosphere. There’s something about “la langue de molière” that is so anti-tech that the hairs on my arms stand up whenever I hear some of the bogus expressions French people come up with to designate technical concepts.

However, there is one exception to this, and it is Loïc Le Meur’s blog (which, incidentally, also has an English version). Here is a small excerpt from his English “about” page:

Loïc is a well-known serial French entrepreneur who created and sold 4 Internet startups, also blogger and vlogger. Loic’s blog is #1 in France, read by more than 250 000 unique visitors per month, he made hundreds of video podcasts including the only podcast with President Nicolas Sarkozy).

A few weeks ago, Loïc launched a new online service, Seesmic, which could be described as some kind of video Twitter on steroids.


When it launches, his new concept will probably revolutionize the world of online video content as we know it. But don’t take my word for it, watch the following videos and make your own impression.

And here’s another interesting video that shows how discussions are handled between people in Seesmic:

These clips are a part of a series of videos that Loic films to document the launch of his new startup. The whole series can be seen on Seesmic’s front page. This should be particularly interesting for those of you who desire to learn a thing or two on how a new business evolves in the first few days of its existence.

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