Sansa TakeTV: Taking digital video content to your TV

Being the good geeks you are, you should all know Sandisk, a corporation that has been manufacturing diverse flash memory products and MP3 players for years now.

But like all companies, Sandisk has to take steps to innovate if they want to keep consumers looking their way. Monday, the company released the Sansa TakeTV, a flash-based USB device that will let you transfer video content directly from your PC to your television, eliminating the need for large set-top boxes. The Sansa TakeTV is both small and compatible with all current television models on the market.

The way the device works is insanely simple:

  1. Plug the Sansa TakeTV into your PC and copy your video content onto it (MPEG-3 or 4, DivX and xVid).
  2. Plug the device in your TV (supported AV outputs: Composite, Analog and S-Video)
  3. Hit play on the TakeTV remote.

The Sandisk TakeTV is compatible with Windows Vista, Windowx XP, Linux and Mac. The 4GB version, which offers approximately five hours of video playback, goes for $100, and the 8GB version, which offers twice as much, goes for $150.

Sansa TakeTV

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