What Is The Best Geek Gift You Got (or Gave) for Christmas 2016?

One of the coolest things about writing for a long-running geek site is, the readers are loyal. The ones who read 5 years ago still tend to be reading, and that makes GeeksAreSexy more of a community than just a website. So seeing as to how we are all geeks and we are all friends, […]


You Guys Ready for the Christmas Noobs?

Because the Christmas noobs are about a day away from entering your favorite online game and making it a helluva lot easier. Someone had to remind you….. (imgur)

Avengers Holiday Special SANTA ULTRON!!

Just in time for Christmas…. [Comicstorian]

The 12 Fails of Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought now would be a perfect time to share some Christmas fails with you all, so you feel better about your own impending and inevitable Christmas fails this week. (FailArmy)

5 Things Gamers HATE About Christmas

Though Christmas is a beloved season for geeks because it is usually when we get the coolest stuff, there are some things that geeks and gamers actually hate about the Christmas season. Though some of you may not agree with all the points on this list, there are a few solid ones. Come on, we […]