The Caves in ‘Skyrim’ Versus The Caves in ‘The Witcher’ Series

This meme taken from Imgur, as funny as it is, sort of sums up what is wrong with gaming right now. Real talk here. Gamers played Skyrim and complained about how each cave seemed to have an opening and a (rather conveniently placed) exit.┬áBut, same gamers get The Witcher 3, with its intricate and realistic […]

5 Final Fantasy Fan Theories That CHANGE EVERYTHING

Final Fantasy is one of the game franchises that are awash in fan theories thinking this means that and that means this. Reality is, we are all just probably overthinking and over-evaluating these games. Regardless, it makes for some interesting fan theories. Here are some of the most interesting Final Fantasy fan theories, via Gameranx.

A Beginner’s Guide Understanding to ‘The Witcher ‘ Universe

The Witcher games (based on the amazing book series) create a truly immersive universe with so much going on. From the politics to the relationships, there is much to keep track of and be mindful of. But much like similar lore in series like Game of Thrones, it can sometimes be quite hard to follow […]

Everything You Might Have Missed in The ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Demo

Final Fantasy XV was a massive demo (which could be hacked and opened entirely if you managed to get hit by a car while playing, no joke) but even then, many people missed some of the most grandiose moments of this seemingly spectacular demo for this fabled franchise. Check out this video which highlights some […]

10 Video Games Coming in 2015 That We Are Genuinely Excited About

It seems like 2015 will the year the eighth generation of consoles finally finds its stride. Let’s be honest here, so far there hasn’t been that one must-buy game for them yet, but that looks all set to change in the forthcoming year. We thought we would take a quick look at some of the […]