PS4: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Experience

The PS4 is a powerhouse of a system that seems to be leading the pack of the new consoles right now. But even with that advantage there are still tons of things PS4 users aren’t even aware they can do upgrade their experience playing the system, such as adding some thumbstick grips to their controllers. […]


Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Revealed

The Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS4 has us JRPG fanboys drooling with delight. But we also fear what changes may be made. One of those changes has clearly been to the combat system from that game. Gone are the turn based battles replaced with what looks to be real time combat more akin […]

8 Minutes of Gameplay From PS4 ‘Attack on Titan’ Game

Attack on Titan is not a story that seems to transfer well. From the QTE based 3DS game, to the crappy movie and crappier TV mini-series, even though it seems perfect, when it gets made into other forms, it never works as well as the spectacular anime. Well, get ready to have your jaw drop […]

Rage: For All You Who Cannot Afford ‘Mad Max’ Yet

Sorry, not trying to burst any bubbles here, BUT, same game.Rage may be version 1.0 with less features, but if you are poor or don’t have a next gen system yet, it will give you the fix you need to not feel left out. (imgur)

And The Best Game of August Is….. Not What You Think

Gamespot wants you to know what game they enjoyed most this month, and that they think YOU will enjoy the most, too. To be honest, the choice may surprise you in the same way a killer would if they jumped out and stabbed you in the neck. That was also a hint at the game […]

5 ‘Cuphead’ Bosses Who Will Ruin Your Life (and Get You Pumped For the Game!)

Cuphead is an absolutely amazing Xbox One game coming out next year that is slowly gaining a lot of buzz, though not as much as it should because Rocket League and Phantom Pain seem to be taking all the thunder right now. But this hand-drawn side-scroller is not only stunning in its art style, but […]

‘Mad Max’ Game Review

So the Mad Max game is officially ready to carve a path of destruction on your new console. Question, is it worth it or just another bad licensed game? Check out the review and see for yourself. Via IGN

True Next-Gen: The “Until Dawn” Cast Was Captured Perfectly

Until Dawn is a fun PS4 game keeping players busy with its scares and hefty decisions, but do you realize that all the characters in the game are mo-capped from actual actor and actresses? And on top of that, they captured them all perfectly. Stands as a current testimony to how far games and graphics have […]