Charting the Unchartered: Top 10 Uncharted Characters

Uncharted is one of the greatest game franchises of all time. With its amazing mix of action set pieces with gorgeous visuals and likable, believable characters, it is an stellar game series that almost every gamer can unanimously agree upon (as being awesome).┬áBut who are the top 10 characters in the Uncharted series? WatchMojo would […]


Two ‘Quantum Break’ Reviews, Pick Your Favorite

Quantum Break has been one of those games players have been waiting for since it was first announced. A third person shooter with time manipulation techniques and an actual TV show used as cut scenes to further tell the story. With sweet visuals and a flair for originality, has Quantum Break lived up to it’s […]

How To Play ‘No Man’s Sky’: A Detailed Breakdown

Since it’s announcement, every gamer has wondered one core thing about No Man’s Sky. What EXACTLY do you do and how do you play it? We know you explore the galaxy and claim planets and resources, but what is really going on? Seems the lucky folks over at Gamespot got a copy and are keen […]

10 PS4 Games that Probably Won’t be Released in 2016

Yes. We all want and pray and are drooling for Final Fantasy 7′s remake to come to the PS4 in 2016, but let’s be realistic here, people. We probably won’t be playing as Cloud until 2017, as sad as it is to say (but totally worth the wait for an awesome port). And here are […]

Gaming Heaven: This Beautiful Thing May Actually Exist (PlayBox 4 One)

Now keep in mind I can see the screen of the console is Photoshopped, but all else about this (including the source) is legit, so let us assume it is real for a moment. So someone modded their laptop so it could be hold a PS4 and a XBone. Do you even understand this? Can […]

Who Is The Mystery Man With A Portable PS4?

An Imgur user noticed this man in his coffee shop near him. Then he noticed the man was playing Fallout 4 on, what looks to be a portable Playstation 4. Editor’s note: Thanks to a comment on our Facebook page, we now know that this is a Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment suitcase. What is this […]

21 PS4 Games You Must Play in 2016

With 2016 right around the corner, we thought it might be a good time to delve into looking at some new games for 2016 we just CANNOT wait to get our hands on. Here are 21 PS4 games you MUST play in 2016. [PlaystationAccess]

Top 5 Upcoming January 2016 PS4 Games!

These are the games coming out for the PS4 in January that have us rabid fans most excited! Resident Evil 0 in 1080 HD? Yes please? #5 :Gone Home #4: Resident Evil 0 #3: Amplitude HD #2: This War of Mine: The Little Ones #1: The Witness [Gamecross]