Return of the Citysearch

“Remember when Nintendo re-invented itself with the Wii?” “Remember when Old Spice, founded in 1934, re-invigorated their brand with those amazing Mustafa spots?” Is that what people are going to say a couple years from now about Blackberry, who just launched their hail mary with a surprisingly awesome new Z10 smartphone? Or about Citysearch, once […]


Five Reasons Pinterest Doesn’t Suck

Okay, I’m going to be the first to admit it. There’s quite a few things I don’t like about Pinterest. I’ve written about it elsewhere, but I think I may have given the wrong impression. It’s not that I think Pinterest sucks. On the contrary: I think it’s awesome. I spend an inordinate amount of […]

Cute 4-year-old Shows How to Close Out Apps on iOS Devices

Do you know how to close an app on your iPhone, iPad, etc? Wait, do you really know? Because most people just think once they leave the app, it’s closed. But actually, it’s still running in the background, eating away at your battery. This kid on YouTube, who goes by the name Smark Aleck, shows […]

Blackberry Storm 2 Site Goes Live, Debuts Smoother Specs

Before the iPhone went gangbusters, it could be argued that the smartphones of choice were likely the Blackberry and Palm. Without touch screens, for the most part, these initial mobile pioneers taught us that, indeed, we could use phones for anything and everything. But for many people, the iPhone didn’t just level the playing field, […]

Cell Phones…For Your Health?

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Some new mobile technology is aiming to turn your cell phone into a health machine. It’s a refreshing change from the fear-inducing reports circulating once again of the cell phone’s potential to cause cancer. A Pittsburgh cancer research doctor sent out a new warning last week asking his staff […]

Spammers moving from email to the cellphone

By Mark O’Neill This article in the New York Times really struck a raw nerve with me because it is a touchy subject in my life at the moment.     The article is about spammers who are moving their harassment from emails to the cellphone (or mobile phone if you are in Europe).    Never a day […]

Need a sure fire Wi-Fi connection? The Wi-Fire is your answer

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] For those of you who use Wi-Fi on the road, you probably know how frustrating it is to find a good access point. Many companies claim to solve this problem by manufacturing extra sensitive wireless adapters that can connect to access points over a very long range, but do […]