Cute 4-year-old Shows How to Close Out Apps on iOS Devices

Do you know how to close an app on your iPhone, iPad, etc? Wait, do you really know? Because most people just think once they leave the app, it’s closed. But actually, it’s still running in the background, eating away at your battery. This kid on YouTube, who goes by the name Smark Aleck, shows you how to close out of your apps for real. Forget who’s smarter than a 5th grader! How about a pre-schooler???


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  1. There is a lot of misinformation lately about how iOS multitasking works.
    The apps that appear in the multitasking bar are not currently running (except in a few cases).
    When you press the home button, iOS will tell the app to quit. When the app quits, it stops using CPU time (and hence battery) and the memory it was using is eventually recovered, if required.

    You should really read this article:
    Misconceptions About iOS Multitasking

  2. The list the kid is closing is not the apps running.
    The list is just the latest apps that the user has ran in the frequency order. That includes apps quited and one or other running. Closing it just remove that shortcut, not shutdown. iOS manages the shutdown by itself as needed. In case of bad written app wasting resources you probably need to restart your iPad.

  3. “CLOSE OUT”

    WTF is “close out”?

    I declare this is a prime example of the stupid American habit of just inserting random words for the sake of it.

    If anyone can explain to me the semantic function of the word ‘out’ in the above, I will eat my hat.

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