LEGO Dimensions: Story Trailer

Wait a damn second here? Did I just see Batman in Middle Earth? Um, this may be the greatest game ever, and this is coming from me just seeing the trailer.

This is so good I am gonna be waiting for days for someone to tell me it’s a prank or a fake trailer. I pray that doesn’t happen, as this looks like pure magic.

Editor’s note: It’s not a joke. There’s even a Doctor Who extension. That’s right.

(Via Gamespot)

2 Responses to LEGO Dimensions: Story Trailer

  1. Yeah, they announced this a couple months back, the real issue is it’ll be £100 for the initial set up, and £30 for each expansion character (that only comes with one extra level each) which is a shame, i’d rather buy 10 other games for the same cost. i really wanted to try the portal expansion out too : (

  2. Console only, I’ll never see it. Just as console sales start tanking and mobile sales skyrocket they release this for the fading platform. *sigh*

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