WTF of the Day: Ramen Flavored Ice Cream


So apparently for all you college kids who love eating soup that costs 20 cents a package, now there is Ramen flavored ice cream, so when you are done eating your soup, you can eat an ice cream version of your soup. The bad news is it will only be available at the Cup Noodle museum in Japan. Yes, that is ALSO a thing.

The ice cream comes in 2 flavors: soy sauce and curry. Servings include such ramen-themed toppings as diced mince, shrimp, green onions, leeks, eggs, potatoes, and carrots. Each serving of ramen ice cream comes in a Cup Noodle cup and sells for 300 yen ($2.40 US).

So, um, yeah. You probably won’t get to try it, but I thought you at least deserved to know it exists and was premiered yesterday to rave reviews. Just kidding, there are no reviews yet. I am just assuming.


(Image via SuggestKeyword , Story via CrunchyRoll, H/T to i09)

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