How To Make The Rick And Morty Szechuan Sauce

If you crave that McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce from Rick and Morty April Fool’s Day episode. You now can try your luck in kitchen thanks to Andre Rea and Reddit.  Andre Rea teaches you in this video three ways to make this mythical sauce . Settling on the Reddit recipe as the best. Mince 6 cloves […]

Doritos Bringing Roulette Bags To America: Bring on the Spice!

Doritos roulette is coming to America, though it has only been overseas so far. So what is Doritos roulette, you may ask? Five out of six chips in the bag are regular Doritos, but one out of six is SUPER SPICY TO THE MAX, and there is no way to tell by look or smell. […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hungry Geek

The holidays are quickly and inexorably approaching. And if you’re like me, you’re likely to find a few hilarious (and well-intended) presents under the old Christmas tree, or your celebratory equivalent. Because, try as our families might, sometimes it’s just plain impossible to find a good gift for a geek without some really good direction. […]