AMC’s Makes Another Miracle: Preacher TV Show Review (No Spoilers!)


Cutting right to the chase, Preacher on AMC may only be a couple of episodes in, but you need to understand just how fantastic this show is. Put it this way. If the first two episodes were plastered together and sold as a film, I would tell you that outside Deadpool, it would be winning the year (yes, even over the fantastic Civil War) as far as comic book movies go. But the kicker here is, this is a TV show, and one that does a fantastic job of telling the story from the comic, but telling it on its own pacing and in a different manner so fans who already know the WHOLE story (like me) will still be met with surprises. Preacher owns right now, straight up.

When I heard there was a Preacher TV show getting made, it was like the coming of the Lord for me (I hope a few of you who know the series well know how perfect that last line was.) Something so magical and transformative, my soul almost wasn’t ready for it. At first I was scared because I know how dark and raunchy it gets, so when I heard it didn’t land an HBO or Netflix, I was worried. But AMC, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg (the show’s writers and directors and huge fans of original comic book series) quickly put that fear to rest. This is not a toned down Preacher. This show has the exact tone of the comic, and that couldn’t have been an easy thing to nail down.

Preacher, for those not schooled, is a new AMC show based around what may very be one of the greatest comic book series’ of all time. It is a show about a man who is essentially given the gifts of God himself as the result of what we call a “freak accident” for spoiler’s sake. For me to mention much more is to ruin the very essence of what makes this show so wholly watchable:

The constant, breakneck pacing and insanity of the story itself.

Whoever cast the show already deserves some kind of prestigious award for their job, as everyone from Joel Cilgun (Misfits) who plays Cassidy the (Spoiler) to Dominic Cooper as the highly flawed titular character, everyone is spot on and reminds me of their comic counterparts perfectly. Hell, even Arseface (yes, a real character on the show) is portrayed exactly as written, and that was something I almost thought he would be impossible to adapt. And don’t even get me started on the Southern charm of Tulip, as she is one helluva bronco ride unto herself. I know I haven’t told you anything about the story itself, but that is not what I am here to do. I am here to get you watching Preacher. The show will tell you its own story (and just wait a few seasons until we reach the “meat doll.”)

In other words, start watching now. Take this as the word of God…..

(Image via DenOfGeek)