Black Milk’s Awesome New Batman Collection

Black Milk Clothing has a long standing relationship with geek girls world-wide. Their innovative and extremely comfortable line of leggings, dresses and swimsuits have become a staple of many pop-culture convention attendees wardrobes. Now, the company is releasing a collection fit for a night out in Gotham. The collection is a mix of graphic art […]

Geek girl fashion: Gold Bubble Clothing has burst into the scene

Move over Black Milk and Her Universe, there’s a new player storming onto the women’s geek fashion arena as of Black Friday, and that’s Gold Bubble Clothing. The brainchild of Jinyo, a longtime respected costumer and clothier in his own right, he’s been seen on Syfy’s Heros of Cosplay as the partner in crime of […]

Is That Dress Bigger On The Inside?

Ever since Black Milk Clothing took over the geek chic scene with their intergalactic tights and 8-bit swim suits (not to mention the incredibly cool R2D2 and C3PO designs) girls have rallied behind the fashion line. Yesterday, BMC released a long-anticipated fan favorite – Dr. Who Tardis mini dress and leggings. Girls stalked the internet […]