Is That Dress Bigger On The Inside?

Ever since Black Milk Clothing took over the geek chic scene with their intergalactic tights and 8-bit swim suits (not to mention the incredibly cool R2D2 and C3PO designs) girls have rallied behind the fashion line. Yesterday, BMC released a long-anticipated fan favorite – Dr. Who Tardis mini dress and leggings. Girls stalked the internet for hours, and my Facebook and Twitter feeds blew up as friends posted the release and who scored what from the Nylon Wars ep. 2 line.

The Australian designer has found a nice niche within the clothing market: Stretchable leggings and dresses, which are easy to travel and wear. Unfortunately, these pack a serious price punch: A pair of tights will run you roughly $79.00 USD and dresses cross the $100 USD mark. But for such a unique and inspiring offering, women are willing to fork out the money to look at the height of fashion at their next convention or night out on the town.

7 Responses to Is That Dress Bigger On The Inside?

  1. I bought both the dress and leggings. Can't wait for them to arrive tomorrow! I think I'll live in them for possibly the next 3 weeks, hahaha!

  2. Lovely, but yet another unlicensed product from this company. Along with their previous 3CPO and Artoo swimsuits (which are BANNED from being sold on their site now). These people are unethical thieves. And RICH unethical thieves.

  3. In all fairness this is a product that doesn't need to be be licensed, it is merely a set of leggins and a dress with a British police box on them, the only way they are made into a product for Dr Who is by the imagination, i don't see any Dr Who logos on them.

    • The Police Box design is trademarked by the BBC – it was decided that despite the metropolitan police having used the design originally, the BBC popularised it through Doctor Who sufficiently that they held the trademark on that design.

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