Geek girl fashion: Gold Bubble Clothing has burst into the scene


Move over Black Milk and Her Universe, there’s a new player storming onto the women’s geek fashion arena as of Black Friday, and that’s Gold Bubble Clothing. The brainchild of Jinyo, a longtime respected costumer and clothier in his own right, he’s been seen on Syfy’s Heros of Cosplay as the partner in crime of Victoria (aka Scruffy Rebel).

Specializing in dresses and leggings with bold, fun prints and patterns, they were first showcased at the beginning of November at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, causing quite the stir around the Scruffy Rebel booth. Some of their initial designs will feature the classic art of Alphonse Mucha, Camilla D’Errico, and Evangelion.

Ensuring a steady stream of new designs, they will be having a good number of their designs only available for a week at a time before being retired. This is actually a fairly brilliant approach as it allows for a varied range of designs, which will drive new fans and buyers to their website, while at the same time keeping the number of total product lines on stock down to a manageable level.


The website initially launched on the morning of Black Friday, with many of the products available for only for this first week before being retired. Targeting stylish geeks, Jinyo has expressed that while they’re committed to the highest quality art and materials for their lines, they also want to keep the prices as affordable as possible. With the explosion in recent years of geek fashion in the mainstream beyond t-shirts and especially towards a female audience, this new company is definitely going to find a lot of its product going under Christmas trees this holiday season.

Apart from their website, you can also keep up with their latest postings on Facebook and Twitter.

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