Google Fiber Free For Public Housing Residents

Google is to offer free broadband to people living in public housing and other affordable housing project properties. It will also offer free computer skills training. The free service, which will have no connection fee, will be available initially in Atlanta, Durham, Kansas City and Nashville before being rolled out to all cities where Google […]

Reddit Hit By Widespread Protest

Reddit’s comparatively open nature has come back to bite it with a protest over the firing of a leading employee. Victoria Taylor was a key figure in the popular “Ask Me Anything” sessions on the site. Taylor, who used the name “chooter” on the site, was in charge of recruiting and verifying participants, both celebrities […]

Gmail Adds “Undo Send” Feature

Google has added the ability to unsend messages as a formal feature in Gmail. It had previously been available in experimental form and still has only a limited use. The feature originally appeared in Gmail Labs, an optional setting on Gmail that lets you try out ideas Google is still developing, with the associated disclaimer […]

France Wants “Right To Be Forgotten” Extended Worldwide

French data regulators have threatened to impose financial penalties if Google doesn’t remove controversial links from its search results worldwide. The demand goes a step further than the original “right to be forgotten” ruling. The European Court of Justice last year ruled on a case relating to the balance between the rights to privacy and […]

Mobile Browsing in 2015 [Comic]

Yes, I know this used to happen here from time to time, but we’ve improved the situation quite a lot since January 2015! :) [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]

Reddit Button Is Not Pressed: The Death of a Meme

Reddit appears to have answered the question of how long a meme will take to die out: two months and four days. That’s how long what started as an April Fool’s Day post ran for and how long it took the online community to tire of pressing a virtual button. Back in April a new […]

Repairman Accidentally Beats Google At Own Game

Search for “Google” on Google and you’d expect to get Google. But an Egyptian air conditioning engineer found himself number one for that very search, having unintentionally found a killer search engine optimization trick. The unexpected result only affected searches on Google’s Egyptian site ( but appeared even for users of Incognito mode, meaning the […]

The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years [Video]

Ten years ago in May, YouTube launched in beta. From the silly to the profound, from the personal to the political, we’re celebrating a decade of your creativity and self-expression. And, we’re doing it from A to Z. With over 75 references and 18 filmmaking styles, we’ve tried to capture some of the richness and […]

Security Questions Too Predictable Or Too Forgettable

Google says security questions on accounts are “neither secure nor reliable enough” to use in cases of forgotten passwords. It’s urging other firms to follow its lead by making such questions solely a last resort. In a paper presented this week at a World Wide Web conference in Italy, five Google researchers detailed their study […]

Reddit Outlaws Harassment

Reddit has announced new policies to crack down on harassment. It’s not given specific details of the consequences, but it has prompted heated debate among users who believe unrestricted speech should be paramount. The site says it has based its decision on a survey of 15,000 users, as well as changes in the nature of […]

Urinating Robot Freezes Google Maps Edits

Google has suspended a tool that let users edit a version of Google Maps, following a series of high-profile prank edits. The company says it can’t keep up with the number of manual reviews needed. Map Maker has been running since 2008 and is effectively a separate, wiki-like version of the main map service. The […]

Twitter Cracks Down On Abusive Comments

Twitter has announced three changes designed to restrict the effects of abusive messages. It’s clear the company is trying to find a difficult balance between free speech and combating harassment. The first change is about policy rather than process. Until now, Twitter only considered it a violation when people made “direct, specific threats of violence […]