Pixel Dancers Mesmerize Merging Technology With Dance


Rather than sit here and tell you the Pixel dancers (Pixel being the name of the troupe) will astound you with their seamless blending of dance with mind blowing hologram technology, I think it best if you just sit back and watch it yourself. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than these moving […]

Pirate Party Politician Leads Official European Copyright Review


A Pirate Party politician is writing an official review of copyright law for the European Parliament. However, reports that Julia Reda will be writing new rules aren’t quite the case. Reda was elected to the European Parliament last May under Germany’s proportional representation voting system. New rules that removed a minimum threshold meant that although […]

An Incredibly Interesting Fan Concept for Star Trek 3


I think we can agree that J.J. Abrams treatment of the rebooted Star Trek universe has been pretty badass so far. He’s injected a youthful energy into the series that was always lacking, whilst also making it still appealing to old school fans. But where to go with the rebooted series next is the real […]

Giant Head Floats Over Japan in Insanely Unique Art Project


Artist Haruka Kojin had a surreal dream one night as a child, and it was so absurd, she decided she had to make it a reality. It involved the floating head of an old man, far larger than real life scale, and with the help of Utsunomiya Museum of Art in Japan and a bunch […]

86 Viral Images That Were Fake in 2014

fake syraiia

One of the worst things about the web is the fact that the plethora of information you receive, be it visually or otherwise, is often not fact-checked or verified. Social media has only made this worse by someone finding a touching photo (like the one on the left seen above) and turning it into a […]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From November-December 2014)


Concluding our look back at the stories we covered during 2014 and what happened next, we turn to November. The Unicode Consortium, which develops standards to make sure characters appear consistently across different software and systems, unveiled proposals for changes to emoji, a system of characters for expressing emotions. It suggested the option to choose between […]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From September-October 2014)


Continuing our look at the stories we covered in 2014 and subsequent developments, we turn to September. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani argued that blocking Internet access to cut down political protest was harming the country’s scientific progress. He also lifted a ban on broadband providers offering fast speeds on fixed lines and cellphone networks, something seen as […]

World’s Fastest Internet Comes To… Minneapolis


Minneapolis is to get what’s being billed as the world’s fastest broadband connection, a whopping 10 gigabits per second. The service is available to around 30,000 homes and businesses in the city and is provided by US Internet. It already provides a gigabit service but has now flipped the switch to increase that ten-fold. Although […]

In 2014, People Searched Google Trillions of Times: The Last Year in Search [Video]


In 2014, people searched the Internet TRILLIONS of times. What do these searches say about us? Find out in this video from Google featuring some of the most searched terms of the year. [Google]

Google To Drop Text-Based CAPTCHA


Google is to start replacing its CAPTCHA tests with a simple request for users to confirm they are not a robot. The company believes the new system will be easier for humans and harder for computers. Until now Google, and numerous sites that use its CAPTCHA service, have asked web users to type two words […]

“Gangnam Style” Breaks Youtube’s 32-Bit Barrier


Psy’s Gangnam Style video has long been the most watched clip on YouTube. Now it’s forced a rethink of the site’s “hit counter.” The video recently passed the 2,147,483,647-view mark. Maths and computing geeks among us may already have spotted the significance of that, but for the rest of us, it’s all down to that […]

European Politicians: Break Google Up


European politicians have voted to break up Google’s business. The vote has no immediate practical effect but is politically symbolic. Strictly speaking the motion, which passed the European Parliament by 384 votes to 174, does not apply solely or specifically to Google, but rather all online search companies. However, with Google used for around 90 […]