True Stories Bring April Fool’s Confusion

It’s that day of the year again when tech and internet firms prank their customers with April Fools’ Day stories. But this year the issue is confused by a couple of far-fetched stories that happen to be true. Amazon has already had to issue a denial that its new product Dash is a gag. It […]

YouTube Takes On Twitch Livestreaming Service

YouTube is said to be relaunching its livestreaming service with a change in focus from sporting events to video gaming, making it a challenge to the likes of Twitch. The site started live broadcasts in 2010 but, although they still exist, they’ve been heavily downplayed in recent years. Events have largely been either public speeches […]

Net Neutrality Debate Heads Back To Court

The FCC’s toughening up of regulation to enforce net neutrality always looked like inviting legal challenges and now the first two lawsuits have been filed. The cases, brought by a broadband industry group and an independent Texan broadband firm, seem very much intended as first strikes, coming before the new rules take effect. Many industry […]

Internet Explorer Gets A Death Sentence

Microsoft has confirmed it is effectively ditching the Internet Explorer browser and brand. It will be kept on in Windows 10 for compatibility purposes only. It’s been known for some time that Microsoft was working on a new browser project, codenamed Spartan. Now the company has confirmed this will be the primary browser in Windows […]

Oh Internet, How I Love Thee! [Comic]

This comic is part of Stephen Byrne’s awesome new web comic, Steve Loves Internet. There’s already a few comic strips from the series over at Stephen’s website, so I invite you all to go and check ’em all out! [Source: Steve Loves Internet]

Snowed in At PAX [Comic]

Wow, it will be like the Thunderdome from Mad Max I bet. [Source: Penny Arcade]

HEY IT PEOPLE: Send In Your IT Horror Stories + Big Giveaway! #getthroughit [Sponsored by Canon] (Updated)

Edit: You still have about 24 hours left to send in your stories and get a chance to win a Canon ImageCLASS color laser printer! (a value of $1299!) IT horror stories: we’ve all heard about (or experienced firsthand) helpdesk tickets that provide absolutely no logical explanation to system admins. They provide fodder for stories that […]

Google Warning Comes Two Clicks From Danger

Google has stepped up its warning system for dubious websites: Chrome will now flag up sites that contain potentially harmful downloads, even if the site itself does no damage. Until now Google’s warnings had only taken effect in two situations: when a Chrome user clicked on a link to a page believed to contain malware […]

Big Birdman: Sesame Street Does Brilliant ‘Birdman’ Satire

Sesame Street has really upped their game over the last few years. Adding pure satire and parody that is clearly aimed at parents more than the children. Recently, they did a spoof of the brilliant Michael Keaton masterpiece, Birdman, and though you will have to have seen the movie to understand how well it fits, […]

HTTP Gets Major Overhaul

The first major revision of the hypertext transfer protocol has been finalized. HTTP/2 could mean pages are much faster to load, particularly on mobile devices. Despite, or perhaps precisely because it’s such a fundamental part of the web, HTTP hasn’t had a significant update since changes to the current 1.1 standard in 1999. The proposed […]

What It Would Be Like If Presidents Acted Like Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’

House of Cards on Netflix is a pretty intense show, headed by a pretty intense guy. Frank Underwood played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey is a political figure unlike we have ever seen represented. And he loves to monologue at the camera. So what if other presidents were more like him? Well, as you can […]

Facebook Adds Post-Death Options

Facebook is adding a new option to let you nominate somebody to manage your account after you die. It’s designed to make it easier to turn your page into an online memorial. At the moment, once Facebook learns a user has died (and has seen supporting evidence such as a death certificate or obituary) it […]