Kindle titles on library shelves

In another crossover between the physical and virtual worlds, it will soon be possible for American owners to “borrow” Kindle books from their local library. The service has been made possible through an agreement between Amazon and Overdrive, an existing service for such e-book borrowing. The service already has apps for devices such as the […]

Net neutrality debate rolls on in Europe

The European Union is considering rules in response allegations that ISPs are deliberately blocking certain services.¬†But any action will effectively be net-neutrality lite: officials say they won’t block discrimination based on speed. According to the EU, the strictest definition of net neutrality — that all legal traffic is treated equally — isn’t suitable for practical […]

Use Your Mind to Dial the Phone

In yet another thought-controlled technology breakthrough, researchers from the¬†University of California in San Diego have developed a Bluetooth device that allows the wearer to dial a phone by concentrating on the numbers they would normally just input manually. The days of the old-fashioned “actually touch the phone” method of dialing are not gone, however. It’s […]

Nordic nations turn tech to cash

For the second year running, Sweden and Singapore have been ranked as doing the best job of using technology to boost their economies. The list is dominated by Nordic countries: Sweden ranked highest, with Finland (third), Denmark (seventh) and Norway (ninth) who also ranked highly. The rest of the top ten includes Asian nations Singapore, […]

Wanna Be an Astronaut? Apply Today!

Dear Richard Branson: choose me. The day has finally come for a select few of us to realize our lifelong dream of being an astronaut. More specifically, the dream of being a Pilot-Astronaut for Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceflight program. The company has posted the listing for “Pilot-Astronauts” on their careers page, which makes it a […]