Cloud Computing the HiveMind

You may have heard Peter Molyneux’s “virtual boy” Milo. He’s the uncanny valley’s answer to the Tamagotchi, and the latest project to take advantage of the Xbox’s “Project Natal.” You can see Milo in the video below: Here’s what I find particularly interesting about Milo. Milo learns. According to James Orry at, no two […]

Headlines We Saw Coming: iPad Sees Rise in Digital Comics

Well, duh. While the rest of the world may find such information, courtesy of CNN, to be rather surprising (or something?) the geeks  just nod their heads. Do we get points for being forward-thinking? Probably not. Either way, apparently—shock of shocks—the iPad has given comics a major boost. While everyone’s been busy talking about the […]

Solar Roadway Prototype

Yes, in concept a solar roadway would be amazing, but I see a few problems with the idea. First, these roads could almost only be installed in countries where there is no snow and where the temperature doesn’t get too cold. Oh, the road’s surface could be heated, but wouldn’t that cost more energy than […]