“Gangnam Style” Breaks Youtube’s 32-Bit Barrier

Psy’s Gangnam Style video has long been the most watched clip on YouTube. Now it’s forced a rethink of the site’s “hit counter.” The video recently passed the 2,147,483,647-view mark. Maths and computing geeks among us may already have spotted the significance of that, but for the rest of us, it’s all down to that […]

DARPA’s Cheetah Robot Roams Free At 10MPH

Two years ago a cheetah-inspired robot “ran” at 28.3 mph, faster than Usain Bolt. A new rival model can only manage 10 mph, but does so without any external power cables. Both Cheetah model are funded by the American military’s gadget department DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) but are produced by different firms. In […]

ISS Ground Crew Uses 3D Printer In Space

We already had “cloud” printing that lets people print documents from thousands of miles away. Now NASA has sent a print out of this world — and with an extra dimension. After astronaut Barry “Butch”Wilmore installed a 3D printer in the International Space Station, NASA ground crew sent remote commands for two test calibration prints, […]

Toyota Tries To Take Hydrogen Car Mainstream

Toyota is to sell what’s being called the first mass-market fuel-cell car. But it’s very much a luxury product for now and won’t be dominating the highways any time soon. The model is called Mirai, which translates literally as “the future” but has a meaning that might more accurately be conveyed as “the distant future” […]