The Samsung Galaxy S6 Has the Best Smartphone Display So Far


The battle for the smartphone market seems pretty cut throat. On one side, you have the iPhoners, and on the other side you seem to have the Androiders. But there have been a bevvy of competitors that have taken the smartphone game to new levels. One of those competitors is Samsung, whose popularity has spiked exponentially since the launch of the Galaxy. But now word is the Samsung Galaxy S6 pretty much has the greatest phone display of all time (or at least so far).

From Gizmodo:

The most impressive improvements for the Galaxy S6 are in the pixels per inch and resolution, the Absolute Color Accuracy, Peak Brightness, Contrast and screen readability in High Ambient Light, and in display Power Efficiency.

They actually say a LOT more and go really in depth about the specs, but essentially they say that the new Galaxy display is pretty damn remarkable, especially over its predecessors. So there you have it, folks. If screen clearness and true HD are one of the things that draw you to tech, you may have just found your next phone.

[Image via TrustedReviews, story via Gizmodo]

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