7-Year-Old Girl Asks Scientists To Breed Her a Dragon

A few weeks ago, 7-year-old Sophie of Queensland wrote a letter to the national science agency CSIRO located in Australia to ask them to “make” her a dragon. I can (almost) guarantee that both the letter from Sophie and the agency’s response will be the most adorable thing you’ll read today. Hello Lovely Scientist My […]

It’s Official: The Simpsons LEGO Set is a Real Thing! [Pics + Video]

After the leaked picture of a still unofficial LEGO Simpsons set appeared online a few days ago, the company has finally announced that the product is a real thing and will start being available in LEGO stores and online in February 2014 for $199 in the US and $229 in Canada. [Via Technabob]

Sony to Offer Streaming Gaming With New “Playstation Now” Service

Sony is launching a cloud service that will let users play Playstation games without needing a console. It will originally launch on Sony televisions but will later appear on other devices including tablets and smartphones. Playstation Now will run using technology from cloud gaming firm Gaikai, which Sony bought in 2012. It’s much the same […]

ThingCharger: The AWESOME New Charger For ALL Your Things!

This. Is. BRILLIANT. I just contributed at the $58 level! Oh, if you’re interested and are looking to use your Thingcharger with gadgets that use a Lightning plug, don’t forget to add $9 to your contribution! thingCHARGER is a simple, elegant new way to charge all your things. Just plug it into any outlet and […]

Epic WIN or Epic Fail? KUNG FURY [Movie Trailer]

Epic Win or Epic Fail? Whatever your thoughts are on the movie, Kung fury is currently getting crowdfunded via Kickstarter, so if you want to help make this project a reality, be sure to contribute here! KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, […]

Superman vs. Hulk: The EPIC Fight Continues [Must-Watch Video!]

Almost 2 years after releasing part II, Mike Habjan has finally completed part III of his EPIC Superman vs. Hulk video series. This is the third part of my animated Superman and Hulk fight. This project is something I work on from home as an independent project and is not affiliated with any company. It […]

The most EPIC Cosplay of All Time: Building Skie, Kitiara’s Dragon – Part I [Pics + Video]

My friend Tabby from Artyfakes Action-Props just released a video showcasing the progress her company has made on Skie, the dragon Kitiara rides into battle. Once completed, Skie will be around 16-foot long, can you imagine that? Oh, and don’t forget to LIKE Tabitha‘s AND Artyfakes Action-Props pages on Facebook. [Source: Tabytha Lyons | Artyfakes […]