This Geek Hates Big Bang Theory With a Passion, Do You?

We’ve occasionally posted about The Big Ban Theory here on Geeks are Sexy, and each time we do, a certain number of you start vehemently protesting against the show. The opinions are pretty mixed though, some like it as light entertainment, and other see TBBT as something that anyone with a head on his shoulder should openly denounce and frown upon, which is exactly the position The Angry Nerd (above) adopts.

But what about You guys? What do YOU think about the show? Do you like it? Hate it? Or maybe you just don’t care? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. I like the show, mainly because it gives the audience an insight to some of the concepts of a “nerd” life, even if some of the concepts may be a bit humorous.

    Yes, it does insult a few of the nerd cultures, but it’s hard to constantly crank out serious material in a funny way without injecting some real-life scenarios (like Leonard/Penny’s relationship, and Howard/Bernadette’s wedding).

    As a geek myself, I can relate to many of the Doctor Who, Star Trek, technological connections, but I look it as a comedy side of the field instead of implementing it as serious.

  2. Is his point that they are not making actual jokes or not portraying geekness accurately? Its a comedy show on television… get over it. It’s like those guys that comment on how inaccurate Sherlock is. If you don’t likey… change channel or read comic book!

  3. I simply don’t find it funny. I get the references and sometimes I can associate with them, but I think its still a stupid, obvious comedy without being clever or witty – its just that the material is supposedly more ‘geeky’. Actually, I think the one big joke is laughing at geeks and their opinions on things. It isn’t praising geekery – its just mocking from a different angle

    • And what is witty comedy to you? The one with the slapstick? The one that makes fun of other people other than their own. I’ve been a geek all my life, bullied at times, but you know what the Big Bang Theory taught me… life isn’t fair but sometimes you just have to laugh it up and see the joke in all of it. Sometimes the joke can be really stupid, but that’s why we laugh, instead of getting the joke that only the most intelligent of minds get.

    • I’m a total geek as well and, like you, I’ve been bullied about it so I know exactly what you mean. To me, the wittier comedy is something like VEEP or parks and recreation. They have lovable characters, they’re very quotable but don’t force the ‘funny’ down your throat. Everybody can watch them and laugh at the parts they find funny. If a program has a laughter track to tell you when to laugh, it can’t be that funny

    • Both me and my significant other are geeks and of the same opinion – it’s just boring. It’s so boring that if we happen on it, we usually switch channel or switch off within 5 minutes.
      I’ve tried watching a full episode. The show simply doesn’t work for me.

      I get most of the references. Maybe it’s funnier if you don’t?

      It’s not even that it’s a mockery (freak show) of geeks (if it is). I just don’t find it interesting the least.

      For a mainstream similar comedy show I found funny, say for instance the 70s show.
      Something that is really funny to watch, for both of us: Top Gear (BBC).

      (Other than that, we don’t use a TV, so unless I get pointed out Really Great Shows, I don’t watch them.)

  4. Whoa, this guy is wound a little too tight. From my experience in accademia, BBT’s jokes are often accurate, and in some instances reinforce the fact that these particular “nerds” are people as well. BTW, what are Baker’s “nerd” qualifications, any way?

  5. Hate. Hate with a fiery burning passion. The show is clever, and the writing is good, but Sheldon’s just plain rude and the epitome of everything that geeks try to avoid being. The other guys, not so bad, but with Sheldon being the star of the show… I know some people like that kind of humour, but I just cringe every time I see it.

    • I’ve always found it funny having Sheldon be a big part of the show, simply because I’ve worked with engineers and physicists who are exactly like him. They don’t mean to be rude, they just have their way of doing things, and you’ve just gotta work with it unfortunately. :)

    • but sheldons exist… we have all known at least one… sheldon is a love/hate character and the common ‘enemy’ while leonard is the common ‘friend’ this is a odd couple show with a nerdy/friends twist. i don’t see the problem.

    • Recently re-watched some of the first season. Sheldon is actually becoming “more Sheldon”. When the series first started, he was straight, but was too picky, nor would anyone date him.
      Now, he’s written as completely asexual and completely averse to “coitus”. All the other characters show positive development, except for him.

  6. Couldn’t agree more! Two-dimensional, stereotypical characters with popular-culture references ladled all over them doesn’t pass for funny. And we’re not laughing with them; we’re laughing at them. This makes my blood boil! I came to the show relatively late and got so het-up that I wrote a guest-post about it on a website. Too long to put in a nutshell, but here’s a link, if anyone’s interested:

    • I don’t find the show laughing at nerds so much as laughing at common quirks in people that don’t fall into reality show mainstream club swagtard culture. and as far as “Two-dimensional, stereotypical characters with popular-culture references ladled all over them”… welcome to television… nice of you to join us. If you don’t like it… go somewhere else. nobody is making you stay, and quite honestly this is a far better portrayal than nerds in times past…

  7. Angry nerd went into self reflection basically because he himself rendered his own argument inert.

    And I agree with him, but I still don’t mind being the one people laugh at because of my culture created by the things I enjoy and that’s why the hipsters of this world can be “geeky” if they want because underneath, once this wave of geek culture has passed and is long forgotten, I will still like Farscape, BSG, Coding, Deadpool, anime, tabletops and card games!

    At least I can have a fairly half decent conversation about SG-1 with someone not from my background and they actually get plots and other stuff correct, this is a great time, but it will pass.

    Don’t worry, soon those douche-bags who didn’t want to know back then will soon not want to know again and we can have our toys back, but for now we need to learn to share.

  8. Until I recently discovered Modern Family, I thought that The Big Bang Theory was the funniest show on television. I have never once found it offensive or overly mocking the Nerd/Geek culture to which I happily belong. I still think the show is damn funny.

  9. I totally agree with this guy. The show has the potential to make geeks cool, but if you watch carefully, the audience isn’t laughing with the characters, they’re laughing AT their antics. I can’t stand to watch because it reminds me of grade school and junior high school before I became socially presentable.

    Now, put those same characters in a more serious atmosphere like HBO’s Entourage. I’d love to see what they can come up with under those circumstances.

    • Well then really this is a reaction to your previous experiences and isn’t a subjective analysis of the show itself… your vietnam flashbacks can’t take away from the act that ‘nerd culture’ and valuing education are romanticized in this show… and that any sitcom is an exercise in a little bit of satire mixed with stereotypical quirks… this is not exclusive to nerd culture and people crying about it are becoming the same elitist defensive lot that every subculture has become that has been portrayed… look at all the criticisms shows like NCIS get, or jersey shore. Laugh off those examples and pretend like it isn’t the same, but it really is from the standpoint of the group it is portraying. TV IS NOT REAL, and nobody is forcing you to watch.

  10. I do like the show. A lot. I find it entertaining. And I can connect with it, because even if a lot of people dismiss it as being stereotypical… well, turns out my friends and I do relate to the guys and girls in the show. I do not believe it to be deprecating of nerd or geek or whichever fandom-culture. On the contrary, this show has helped us explain some of our other friends, family, and even significant others what it’s like to be a geek in as broad strokes as they can begin to understand us.

  11. Despite the pathetic-ness of the characters in the show, it has managed to fuel the engine that has been pushing geek entertainment into the realm of coolness. 10 years ago, there was a stigma to being a comic book aficionado. In today’s world of nerd pop-culture, I’ve had hotties admit that they want to date a guy who reads comics and draws. For that, thank you Big Bang Theory.

    It’s also allowed us to revisit the actors who played William Crusher & Moist. So until Felicia Day decides to bring the wit of the Guild to Network Television, I’ll enjoy TBBT for its references to Geekdom in an avenue that is only now bridging the gap with popular culture. I’ll enjoy the jokes that only my kind and I get while my partner looks on quizzically and finally agrees to watch Star Trek, if only for the references.

  12. It’s amusing to watch sometimes. Sure it does not portray geeks probably, and exagerate many stereotypes, but it remains amusing.

  13. I like it. I agree it gives insight into the nerd/geek world. it’s not a documentary and it does make fun of a few things. but I honestly think it’s the most accurate portrayal by far of the culture. most people still think of us as steve urkel with high wasted pants, pocket protectors, dark rimmed glasses incredibly intelligent, or stupid, very timid, constantly picked on. go to any costume store during Halloween and you’ll find that this stereotype is amplified and the costume looks nothing like you or I. I realize that big bang theory still portrays some of these stereotypes especially through Sheldon. However, through Leonard and some of the others I see the majority of my friends. besides that, they’ve introduced things from our world that most people didn’t have a clue about. for example, the idea of game night. they’ve had a halo night, they’ve played D&D, they’ve introduced catan and other board games as well as parodies of card games a lot of us play. they’ve introduced the idea that we are not all about smarts and we can pull pranks such as when they programmed their lights to go off and on from china. ( I honestly know people who would do this. but besides that we are pretty cleaver) they’ve introduced the idea of a cosplay. but I like the fact that to me( and wil wheaton describes this the best) being a nerd or a geek is about having incredible passion or love for the things we love. so, you could love star trek, zelda, doctor who, Sherlock, star gate, anime, or retro gaming and still be a nerd and then finding others with the same type of passion that you have. and big bang theory exhibits this through the characters in a way that the general public understands. because of this they’ve made it ok to like these things. but what I think the coolest thing is about this show is that the actors themselves belong in our world in real life. seriously the guy who plays raj has a dog named Chewbacca!

  14. Originally, the complaints I heard about the show was about the Big Bang Theory being a “nerdy” show that you didn’t have to be a nerd/geek to understand. Which is true, but that has never really bothered me. Now there are people who vehemently declare that if you like the show you CAN’T be a geek/nerd.

    The “punch line” to the joke about which comic book hero is the best, is that nerds can take mundane matters like fictional heroes way too seriously. If you think about it, the joke is similar to the jokes that have been posted on the site recently about geeks arguing about whether the Xbox One or PS4 is better. Unless you’re trying to convince your Significant Other to get one gaming system rather than the other, does the argument really matter?

    As for the cosplay scene, the joke for the particular clip they show is that they are on their way to a con when their car gets stolen, forcing them to go into a diner nowhere near the con. As someone who loves to look at cosplay pictures (I’ve never had the chance to cosplay yet, but hope to one day), I would find it both strange and funny if in the middle of nowhere with no con nearby a bunch of cosplayers show up to a diner. My favorite joke in the Big Bang Theory is when Penny looks at Leonard’s make up for cosplaying and says, “This is more expensive than mine.”* And then Leonard goes, “Don’t touch. There are just some things that you don’t share with your girlfriend and this is one of them.”* Only a cosplayers problem right?

    And although they make fun of nerds/geeks, the few times they have non-nerds on the show they make fun of them too. Penny used to have a dumb jock boyfriend (the one that she met at the Cheese Cake Factory who makes the menus, not the one she had just broken up with the first episode) and he is not spared any jokes. And what’s wrong with making fun of yourself? I make fun of myself all the time and it’s a hoot.

    For a very long time geek culture was a niche community, but now it is going mainstream with shows like The Big Bang Theory and movies like the Avengers. I think part of the blatant hate for the show, is people who would like to identify themselves as “true” nerds rather than just “mainstream” nerds. If you dislike the show because you think it’s not funny, good for you, but let the rest of us enjoy it. I personally don’t like Adventure Time because it’s not my kind of humor, but I can understand why other people do. And if you hate The Big Bang Theory just so you can be a “true” nerd, then go get a life.

    • Also please note that my quotations are not exact quotes from the series, just what I can recall the characters saying from memory. Please do not go look up the actual quotes and go troll me on being wrong.

  15. I don’t find the show funny, at all, to the point I would rather undergo a root canal without anesthetic than watch it. I don’t like the portrayal of nerd/geek culture but understand it’s meant to be a comedy it’s when they try to take a geek culture reference for comedic effect but get the reference or source material wrong, because then the joke falls through and voids the point of the show

  16. I’ve been a geek for over 35 years. And I love Big Bang Theory. What I usually find of those who really rant about its stereotypes, is “Methinks they doth protest too much”. Because some of those stereotypes hit home because of the truth in them. And those who scream the loudest seem unable to laugh at themselves. I laugh because I see myself and many of my friends in some of those moments. The night the women were arguing comic books was hilarious to me because of the same conversations I had. And the guys taunted for their costumes…less funny and did make me cringe some, because I have endured that rejection as well. Overall the best thing to do is learn to accept the truths that come with being a geek, laugh at them, CELEBRATE them..and rejoice that today, we can join together in our passions. When I was a kid,(yes, before the internet), I felt so very alone.Today, I can go join other geeks at cons, I buy my wife Star Wars stuff because its her passion. Its the best time ever to be a geek.
    That said, the one that has always bugged me on BBT is Howard. Do any guys really act like he did the first few seasons? I am glad never to have known any. Altho to hear from the women at cons, it seems so. At the same time…it takes many of us geek guys a long time to learn anything about how to act around women, I am still learning. And can only praise my wife for putting up with me.

    • Agree 100%, I was socially awkward growing up, I got teased and laughed at for playing Magic and attending chess tournaments, and made fun of for being smart… How stupid do you have to be to think that calling someone smart is an insult?
      Point is, I understand that the show may hit home with a few people, and bring back memories they don’t want to relive, but if anything that just makes the show MORE accurate and relatable. Plus it’s a comedy, which means it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

      • Too many too serious nerds/geeks out there. One of the things that make me laugh about “serious” cosplayers today, and the condescending attitude some have, is it makes me want to respond “B***h please! I’ve been cosplaying since 1978.” In my homemade superman outfit, which I wore everywhere, school included, which precipitated the teasing. But it was comic book/screen accurate dammit.

  17. At first I disliked the premise of the show but after watching it, it’s just the standard reverse fairy tale story but the show itself dabbles a bit into geek culture and “nerd-ism” which thanks to shows like the big bang theory has been a little more mainstream concepts as opposed to when growing up it was frowned upon…yeah there are certain points I disagree with but it’s meant to satire and not mimic life not that I can’t name a few friends that are exactly like the characters on the show but remember it’s so fictional that two phds make as much money as a waitress as cheesecake factory

  18. A wise man once said that TBBT is stupid jokes about smart people, while Arrested Development is smart jokes about stupid people.

  19. Not my favorite show due to the strong geek stereotypes, which exist in all entertainment. I appreciate the nods to culture and I get the references but in the end we are suppose to be laughing at the geeks. I can watch a show and I am not angry but not a show I go out seeking.

  20. It’s a SIT-COM, if you don’t like a show, you don’t like it, but everyone who claims to not like it sure seems to know an awful lot about it. Personally I find the show to be absolutely hilarious, and find all of the characters easy to relate to. The actors do a great job of portraying their roles, and they have amazing chemistry on set.
    To those who so virulently hate the show, I ask you… Why do you watch it? Do you really not know ANY nerds whose opinions you disagree with and whose behavior you find off putting?
    Do you really NEVER laugh at smart people for having no common sense?
    The entire premise of the show is to humanize the genius’ and show that we’re all stupid in our own way. I mean really, how many people noticed that Wil Wheaton was wearing a Guild T-Shirt during Fun with Flags?

    I heart Codex, I’m into physics, philosophy and psychology, I was into cosplay before it was cool, I have a bromance with Joss Whedon, and I still haven’t decided what to be for Emerald City Comic Con, but the weed in Seattle is the best in the world… I am a nerd, an actual nerd, and I love this show.

    Was Red Dwarf accurate? Troll

    • We’ve reached a point where the roles are reversing, the nerds are taking over the world because of technology, and the rest of the world needs shows like this to help them relate to us. I for one have found that over the last 7 years people have become more accepting and open to nerd culture, and even begun realizing that they themselves have a bit of nerd in them.
      Fantasy Football is just another version of D&D, btw

  21. The show is funny, like most sitcoms. I have a tough time watching it though because it basically boils down to nerd-blackface.

  22. I think the writers are laughing at themselves for being geeky. I can see the humor in my own geeky obsessions. The laugh tracks are there to keep the mood light, it’s not always about a specific punchline, but the silliness of the situation.

  23. I love the show! I also love nerds, date nerds and love nerd stuff….I think nerds and geeks who are against the show are little bit uptight about being a nerd….I tell my boyfriend all the time he’s Sheldon …He loves that I let him be him….you should like the idea of the nerd world being liked and not hated. Sorry I love the show because I love everthing NERD!

  24. Why hate ANY part of nerd/geek culture? I thought people hating geek culture was bad. Or is that only non-nerds (jocks and cheerleaders)? Is it oddly okay for us to dump on each other?

    I think BBT is hilarious. I think everyone who sees it as putting down geeks thought that before they watched it, and just looks for ‘evidence’ of their preconceptions.
    Yes, we laugh at Sheldon and Leonard, and we laugh at Penny and her muscle-bond himbo boyfriend Zack. It is a comedy, the idea is to laugh at the characters’ antics.
    (But it also points out that they are bullying Zack when they hate people making fun of them. And we laugh when Sheldon wins against Leonard, or vice versa.)
    It doesn’t just reference geek hobbies, they characters actually engage in them. And discuss shields and Schrodinger’s cat, to the point where Penny now understands them and uses them in conversation. Just glad it has enough jokes for the people who do not know about Schrodinger’s cat and needs to

  25. The show isn’t supposed to be about geek culture. The show is about the personal interactions of geeks. There is a big difference. The show is about the people. Shows about the culture are even worse. Have you seen King of the Geeks. Even they get away from the culture and focus on the interactions between geeks and they are supposed to be focused on the culture.

  26. The laugh track comment nailed it. They roll the laugh track at nearly every line, and they’re not all supposed to be jokes. I think people don’t really listen to the dialogue, they watch the archetype character and maybe feel like they’re in on something or represented by them. But they’re lame one dimensional characters. Of course I can’t get through about a minute of the show, so I could be way off base.

  27. The comments show the difference between a nerd and a geek. I geek can appreciate the show because its just that … a made up tv show. Geeks aren’t as defensive. Nerds though, just as the stereotype goes, they are overly wound up and easily annoyed at anyone who says something that is factually wrong. So a tv show about them annoys them because they don’t know how to enjoy a show, they instead for things wrong in everything.

    Hence why geeks find nerds annoying sometimes. Grammar police anyone? Or that annoying guy in the theater who yells “Thats not how the comic goes!”. I also think nerds don’t like seeing themselves reflected on tv as sometimes annoying stupid people in terms of social skills. Which is all the more ironic when they complain about the show and hence show that are acting like the nerds in the show. Sheldon in particularly.

    I think theres also some anger from nerds because technically speaking geeks are more “cool” (so to speak) then nerds. Geeks are more then just factual boring people. Sadly alot of people think nerd is just another way to say geek but its not. Its like saying someone who understands software issues will understand hardware issues as well (granted they often do).

    I am mostly a geek and only a small bit nerd. I’ve dated people and am now married. So have my other mainly geeky friends. My best friend though who is a nerd… never really been on a date and neither has is mainly nerdy friends. They (about 8 of them) live in a small apartment thats a mess and they just sit online all day talking about nerdy things like LARPing, what the actual speed differences are with star trek ships and how scientifically inaccurate movies are.

    On a side note I love Big Bang Theory. Yeah alot of it is cheesy stupid humor, but overall its enjoyable.

    • It certainly sounds like a laugh track in the more recent episodes and if it isn’t it’s likely one of those signs saying ‘laugh now’ because it sounds incredibly forced and they don’t just laugh at the punchlines anymore but every sentence…

      It’s actually put me off of finding it funny – I’ve never understood why comedies need to remind you to laugh with the sound of an audience laughing… if it’s funny I’ll laugh regardless.

  28. from a normal standpoint: you just have to take things with a grain of salt…I’m a Nerd and geek i guess ( i have been put in “Nerd/geek” bin of life by almost all of my peers) and I’m proud to be a nerd/geek- if that’s what i shall be.. I think the Typical Nerd/geek doesn’t have to be an extreme Brainiack like the show suggests… What makes a person a “Nerd” Varies greatly…. I don’t call myself a nerd or geek, nor do i deny being one but I guess I do things and am passionate about things in ways the other people cannot seem to grasp.. and that’s why i guess i am called a nerd/geek.

    Having said that:
    As far as being smart, I am definitely NOT a genius compared to some (I have an above average IQ @128, but an IQ don’t mean shit really) so I’m average and able to comprehend lots of stuff and I am a good problem solver, but I cant do crazy fuckin Calculations like you see in the big bang theory.

    So about the Show:
    I like a good comedy no matter how ignorant to certain lifestyles/ways and stereotypical it is.
    its entertainment…The big bang theory is incredibly funny at times and my woman and I crack up hard sometimes because of stuff that we can relate to even slightly.

    Shows are all ways going to take stuff to the extreme and that’s partly the concept of comedy.
    so overal, i think TBBT is a great show and hope to rewatch all of the seasons.

  29. The show is funny if you are high or it just comes on after another show every once in a while but that dumbass king of the geeks needs to DIE in a fire started by velcro rubbing on a fat mans belly

  30. OK. this guy is a complete jackass. He says that the show concentrates on making fun of geeks, yet he just personified everything he was speaking against. talk about hypocrisy.

  31. Did not watch the video. I’m as much a geek as anyone in the show. It’s light entertainment. Penny and Bernadette are hot, and in the real world Sheldon would be in permanent traction. Yes, part of me finds it mildly annoying. But when I need brainless entertainment…I could do worse.

  32. I do not agree too much to how the nerd/geek “life” is portrayed in the series, and at one point I stopped watching, but my fiancee motivated me to rewatch and continue. As long as you get over the fact that there are inaccuracies in certain elements and you just outright ignore the character development you will find that you do like those characters, most of the time. But that is what entertainment is about. It is not a documentary about outcasts.

  33. Oh for f***’s sake, it’s a freaking sitcom! I happen to love the show. And I sincerely think that people who don’t find Sheldon lovable…well let’s just say I would stay away from them.

  34. Personally, I just don’t find it funny anymore. I get the nerdy references etc but the show, to me anyway, is just about four whining, irritating guys who happen to do science/nerdy type stuff and a stereotypical ‘dumb’ blonde next door. Others may find it funny, each to their own and all that, but it’s not for me.

  35. Sheldon would make a video like this in his vlog.
    So, somehow, he proves that TBBT is actually fairly accurate. This is amusing when most people just watch the show for what it is : a silly sitcom and not in the hope to find the Truth about Geeks and Nerds.

  36. I personally loved the show. I have known, or even been every single one of the caricatures in that show. I can just as easily laugh about my own history, geekdom, and nerd tendencies as the audience can laugh at those on Big Bang Theory. If a person can’t laugh at themselves, and at their own quirky behavior, then they have no right to laugh at anything or anyone. Every time you are laughing about a joke, or an odd behavior you are potentially laughing at someone else’s misfortune. How can you laugh at them, and then get mad when they laugh at you? If that show made anyone mad, then perhaps they need to look back at themselves and ask “why do I feel insecure about this part of my life?” Because if it angered you… then it must be a pretty good representation of you. I personally have characteristics of every person on that show, and I’m proud to share my geeky-nerdy side. I’ll even cos-play it for you down to the exact decimal point.

  37. I enjoyed the show at first. It was lighthearted and the characters had an interesting start. But then the show seemed to be adding more canned laughter and recycled jokes – even entire plots stolen from Friends – the show’s lost it’s quirkiness and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with it. They seemed to think that the only way the show could develop was to give all the main characters girlfriends but once they did that they seemed to run out of ideas…

  38. Wow a bunch of uptight people here. First: Television is not reality, even reality shows have zero to do with reality. Second: Sitcoms are ALWAYS full of stereotypical characterizations. It is their nature. If you find the show irritating because it belittles or insults geeks then you need to look at the comedies that you do like and explain how they do not belittle or insult the characters within their contexts, because they do just as much. The show makes me laugh everytime I watch it. That has nothing to do with the laughing studio audience because there are plenty of shows that have the same audience experience that I find wholly unfunny. If you don’t enjoy the show then by all means don’t watch it. I have 100+HD channels in my cable line up and maybe once in a while 2 will have Big Bang Theory on at the same time, but the other 98 never show it. So go out and have fun and enjoy what you want to watch and stop expecting a sitcom to be a documentary on geek life and existence. The guy in the posted video really needs to get out of the house more and watch the TV less if a silly TV show gets him this upset.

  39. Hate It, Hate It, Hate It (hate a strong word, and should be reserved for moments like this)

    The TV show is for people who know nothing about tech, or the geek world at large. This coupled with the obvious slaps at people with Aspergers is more then “I” can stand. Overly simplified common household comedy that has to keep it’s 75 average IQ audience in mind.

  40. I “get” why he doesn’t like it, most people whose professions or cultures are portrayed in popular television or films get it as well. I just don’t get why he needed to make a video about it – were we actually supposed to laugh as he slowly became a caricature of the things he was complaining about?

    I like the show, but I also get why some people don’t. To those people, however, here’s a funny thought: There’s usually 3-6 other channels in a lot of areas without cable/satellite (and a lot more if you have either); millions of things to rent, download, or stream; and plenty of other activities such as reading or basketball to take up instead of this (or any) show. Just a thought…

  41. I’d consider myself an average geek. And I love the show. It makes me laugh. So I watch it – I don’t waste my time watching things I don’t like just so I can talk about how much they suck.

  42. I love BBT. What boggles my mind is that this “Angry Nerd” (and others who share his opinion) will spend so much time and energy to vehemently hate something as trivial as a television show. Change the channel FFS and move on with your life…

  43. I will never understand ‘geeks’ who hate the culture becoming popular, and talking about how they used to be bullied for being a geek.
    Thats like women complaining about Sex in the City and reminiscing about how being sexually liberated used to get them slandered. Or gay people hating marriage equality because in THEIR day they would be hated and bashed for even considering getting married.

    I’m… sorry this generation of Geeks aren’t bullied and made fun of, and don’t have to get physically harmed for their interests?

    I was there, I was that geek that dropped their local Star Trek membership and got stuffed in lockers for it. And I would love to be able to go school in this age and not have those things happen. Anyone who wishes it would go back so other children could live through those terrible experiences seriously has something wrong with them.

  44. Probably a different point of view from a different country (France) but actually I am happy that the show exists.
    Before the show, it was really weird for people in france when someone says that he/she like comic books, cosplay and all the other stuff. Because it’s really not something in the culture. It’s even worth than someone playing video game…

    The show is full of stereotypes and jokes about those people but it has helped to make people understand what really is this culture…

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