Homeworkers Event Offers Independence Without Isolation

In this age of broadband, more and more jobs — particularly those of a geeky nature — can be, and are done from home. While homeworking has its benefits, there are also some downsides, most notably the risk of feeling isolated and the potential to procrastinate with daytime television. One solution is co-working: renting a […]

We Love xkcd

You  may remember the Discovery Channel’s very popular jingle I Love the World. Randall Munroe of xkcd was inspired and did his own version featuring memes from his webcomic. Then Elaine Doyle and Olga Nunes produced a video that recreates xkcd’s comic using the original tune, featuring a cast of prominent and not-so-prominent bloggers. Neil […]

Google Nexus One Officially Unveiled

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] While news of this device leaked quite a while ago (and Google openly distributed it to their employees), the Google Nexus One still drew a crowd today, both online and at Google’s official launch event.  The new phone is similar to other Android devices, such as the popular Droid, but […]

Don’t Step in the Hot Mag.ma!

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] When social media first emerged, it was more or less a chaotic system where the most popular content floated around through many, many blogs and websites.  Nowadays, though, a majority of that content is hosted on the “big names” of video storage: YouTube, Vimeo, and others.  This makes […]

$499: the price of a blogger-techies feud

What do you get when you cross a leading blogger, a technology idea and a copyright dispute? Unfortunately the answer is a product so overpriced as to be pointless. Last year, Michael Arrington (pictured) of TechCrunch (a major blog which has its content republished to the Washington Post) began work on an idea he had […]

Blogging makes child writers happier, more confident

Modern communications technology is often blamed for supposed declining standards in literacy. But a British study finds children who make regular use of social networking tools are more likely to be confident about their written communication. The study by the National Literacy Trust found some seemingly obvious patterns, such as the fact that children who […]

Twitter Lists, Google Alerts, and the Changing Face of Social Media

It’s no exaggeration to say that Twitter has been the most useful networking tool I’ve ever used. After months of toiling away on my blog and finding it very difficult to make connections with like-minded individuals, it was Twitter that actually linked me up with writers and geeks all across the globe. So, how I […]

Study: Bloggers Are Happy

Ok, maybe not “happy” but at least happier than they used to be. According to “Measuring the Happiness of Large-Scale Written Expression: Songs, Blogs, and Presidents“, a research report from Peter Dodds and Christopher Danforth, two mathematicians from Vermont University, the general mood of bloggers seems to be in an upward trend since 2005. Starting […]