Check Out “Sorry I’m Late” for a Grin

Look at this nifty little stop animation of a guy working furiously to get somewhere. It’s called “Sorry I’m Late” by Thomas Mankovsky.  They used the floor of an auditorium (or maybe a church?) to make it appear that the hapless chap was walking across a wide range of obstacles.  You can find the “making […]

Twitter: the Choice for God, Guns and Grandmas

If you thought Twitter was exclusively home to tech-savvy college kids, think again. Reports show the micro-blogging service has some unusual uses among churchgoers and the military, while the site’s growth may in fact be driven by older users. MSNBC reports on a church in San Antonio where the congregation are not only encouraged to […]

Blogs & the Life of Journalism: Welcome to the Jungle

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Query: What separates man from ape? Perhaps the same thing that separates journalist from blogger. In his 2007 book The Cult of the Amateur, Andrew Keen analogized T.H. Huxley’s “infinite monkey theorem” to the rise of Web 2.0. If you provide infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters, one of them […]

Betweeted Brings Ads to Twitter Without Spamming

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Twitter has been a monetization puzzle for many because it possesses enormous popularity and “mindshare” among the internet savvy, but does not present any straightforward way to make money.  Attempts have been made to market through tweets or through the background wallpapers, but neither of these have been very […]

RSS is Dead; Long Live RSS!

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Steve Gillmor says that RSS is dead.   As a member of the RSS Advisory Board, I feel compelled to inform Mr. Gillmor that his pronouncement is a bit premature. Gillmor’s point seems to be that people no longer directly consume RSS feeds through their feed readers – that […]

Oprah to Tweet on Friday’s Show

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] What’s the big news that Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, hinted at earlier today?  Oprah Winfrey will tweet for the first time on tomorrow’s Oprah show, which will feature famed tweeter Ashton Kutcher.  Her account is already active, and as of this writing she has 32,607 followers – […]

Help needed: 2009 Blogger Appreciation Awards – Vote for us!

Well folks, I don’t really know what to say about this. It seems that one of you nominated me for the 2009 Blogger Appreciation Awards on I normally wouldn’t blog about this, but since the first prize is more than interesting (They’ll pay my phone bill for a year), and that my wife just […]

A Blogging Experiment

It takes real guts to work several years to build a top 50 blog, then turn it over to anyone and everyone, but that’s what’s happened at Neatorama. Alex has instituted a new feature called the Upcoming Queue. It’s like a submission, only the submitter writes the post with links and graphics. Then the public […]