Generational Love Twist: AITA for Dating This Younger Gal?

Generational Dating Dilemma

So I’m an all-American wholesome good guy. Some might even say I’m the perfect American.

A while back, I was wooing this amazing young lady but life being what it is, we were sent on different paths: I had just received my orders and was about to be deployed overseas with my best bud.

Not to long ago, after what seemed like a half of a century, I stumbled upon this incredible gal! Although she is younger than me, we hit it off right away. People don’t even notice the age gap as I don’t really look my age.

After a bit of courting, I realized that these two wonderful ladies were related! And neither know about me dating the other. I would really enjoy going steady with this younger gal. She’s the bee’s knees!

Am I the a**hole for dating my first love’s grand-niece?

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