God Gets Trapped in a Chubby House Cat Body in New Exploding Kittens Series

Exploding Kittens Series

Hold onto your litter boxes, geeks! A new Exploding Kittens series will soon drop on Netflix, and trust me, this ain’t your typical cat video. Imagine this: God, voiced by none other than Tom Ellis, who is Lucifer in an alternate reality, gets the boot from his celestial gig and crash-lands on Earth. But here’s the thing: instead of strutting around in a divine form, he’s stuck in the body of a chubby house cat, and his next-door neighbor is his archnemesis, the Antichrist. Sounds perfect, right? Watch the trailer below!

The Exploding Kittens series, brought to you by The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman, is set to premiere on Netflix this July, so don’t miss it!

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