Young Sheldon Meets Old Sheldon in Fun Behind The Scene Video

Young Sheldon Meets Old Sheldon

The Young Sheldon channel on TikTok just dropped a this really fun behind-the-scenes video that’s got fans curious about the future! Watch as young Sheldon, portrayed by the Iain Armitage, meets his older self, played by none other than Jim Parsons, in a crossover tease between the two shows.

@youngsheldoncbs Yeah, we're finally on TikTok bc we heard about these great filters… #YoungSheldon #filters #BigBangTheory #JimParsons @Iain Armitage ♬ original sound – Young Sheldon

Yeah, we’re finally on TikTok bc we heard about these great filters…


This sneak peek is more than just a fun moment, it’s also a glimpse into the upcoming series finale of Young Sheldon, where Jim Parsons will reprise his role as adult Sheldon, bringing closure to his character’s journey. Mayim Bialik is also set to make an appearance, sparking speculation about a potential mini-reunion from The Big Bang Theory universe.

I really like how the transition between the two versions of the character is staged as if young Sheldon used a Tiktok filter to see how he would look when he gets older! It even changed his voice, which he does not appreciate at all.

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