Firmware: Escaping Oppression in a Post-Apocalyptic World [Sci-Fi Short Film]

1990: Twenty years have passed since the cataclysm, plunging society into chaos and obliterating national boundaries. In the wake of this upheaval, emerges the enigmatic “Alcazar Exclusion Zone,” a walled-off enclave that has evolved into a microcosm of survival amidst the ruins. Here, disparate souls from across the globe converge, forging an unlikely community amidst the desolation.

At the heart of “Firmware” lies the tale of a young woman and her decommissioned military droid. Together, they navigate the confines of the Alcazar, yearning for freedom from the oppressive forces that keep them there. Their quest for liberation sends them towards the perilous unknown beyond the walls, where they seek refuge and a chance at a new life, free from the shackles of oppression.

Firmware: A short sci-fi film by Calvin Sander Romeyn.


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