Get the Complete Pathfinder RPG (2nd Edition) Guns of Alkenstar Bundle + Support Charity at a RIDICULOUS Price!

Interested in getting the complete Pathfinder RPG (2nd edition) along with plenty of additional content? Humble currently has a bundle offering you all of that for just $30, and you can get the actual Pathfinder GUNS AND GEARS hardcover book along with it for an extra $10, which is an incredible deal! A total value of $366 at a fraction of the price! You will also be supporting the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the same time!

Introduce firepower to your Pathfinder campaign

Whether you’re new to Pathfinder 2nd Edition or well acquainted with the grandeur and mystery of Golarion, endless adventure awaits with this bundle! On top of the Core Rulebook and Bestiary required to run this iconic fantasy TTRPG, you’ll get a host of sourcebooks, adventures, and more. Snag a physical edition of the Pathfinder: Guns & Gears rulebook, which brings all manner of new-fangled wonders to Golarian, like the Inventor and Gunslinger classes, and the mechanized Automaton ancestry. You’ll also get the entire Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path, playable on the Foundry VTT! Pay what you want for all this and, and help support charity with your purchase!

Complete Pathfinder RPG (2nd Edition) Guns of Alkenstar Bundle$366 $30 or $40

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