OpenAI’s Figure 01 Humanoid Robot Will AMAZE and TERRIFY You

Hold onto your seats, geeks, because the future just got a lot closer—and it’s brought a humanoid robot named Figure 01 along for the ride. In a jaw-dropping display of artificial intelligence and robotics, Figure, in collaboration with OpenAI, has unveiled a video that’ll leave you equal parts amazed and slightly unnerved. Behold:

Picture this: a human engaging in a natural conversation with Figure 01, prompting the robot to identify objects in its surroundings with eerie precision. From a red apple on a plate to dishes in a drying rack, Figure 01’s responses are not only accurate but delivered in a remarkably human-like tone.

And it gets even more mind-blowing. When asked for something to eat, Figure 01 effortlessly hands over the apple, showcasing not just intelligence but a surprising level of dexterity. And when tasked with cleaning up a mess, the robot not only complies but offers explanations for its actions.

Perhaps the most chilling moment comes when Figure 01 predicts the next move based on the arrangement of objects on the table, demonstrating a level of foresight that’s nothing short of astonishing.

But with great advancements come great existential questions—watch the video and see for yourself. It’s a glimpse into a future that’s both thrilling and unnerving.

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