Rare Gold LEGO Bionicle Mask Fetches $18K at Goodwill Auction

Image Credit: Shop Goodwill

In a stroke of luck, a rare 14-karat gold Kanohi Hau mask from Lego’s now-discontinued Bionicle collection landed at a Goodwill store in Du Bois, Pennsylvania last month inside a bag of jewelry. Originally priced at $14.95, the mask’s true value became apparent when bids soared into the thousands. After a tense auction, it sold for $18,101, potentially becoming the most expensive Lego piece ever sold. The runner-up is a 14-karat solid gold Lego brick that went for $15,000 in 2020.

Introduced in 2001, Lego’s Bionicle line ran for nine years, with a short revival in 2015 and 2016. While somewhat divisive, Bionicles gained a loyal fanbase. Lego created just 30 golden Kanohi Hau masks, all released during a 2001 giveaway.

Proceeds from the sale will support Goodwill’s mission of providing jobs and training opportunities.

You can read more about the 14-karat gold Kanohi Hau mask over at the Smithsonian website right here.

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