Experience the Epic: 5 Iconic Attack on Titan Songs Reimagined on Cello and Guitar

Join @DavidJayTheSpaniard and Nicholas Yee as they bring to life 5 unforgettable songs from the Attack on Titan anime on cello and guitar.

From Nicholas Yee:

David and I have worked together a lot over the years, but back in 2020 he took a break from music to focus on university. A couple of years later, David introduced me to Attack on Titan and the series is how we ended up reconnecting. We were both so into the incredible music in the soundtrack, and we spent the last couple years thinking about how to put our own unique spin on it.

We ended up with a selection of 5 pieces that represent the gravity of Attack on Titan’s story, and how it uses music to elevate iconic moments. Big thanks to David for bringing his signature style to transform these pieces, and for being so fully invested in every aspect of this project!

0:00 – Ashes on the Fire
3:04 – Bauklötze
6:14 – Vogel im Käfig
13:06 – Apple Seed
15:43 – Call of Silence

[Nicholas Yee]

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