PAY WHAT YOU WANT For This Awesome Comic Bundle for Anime Lovers (And Support Charity!)

If you are into comics, be sure to check out this awesome “Humble” bundle featuring 36 comics for just $18 instead of $410! You can also choose to pay less for the 15-item bundle or the 5-item bundle!

Anime fans, it’s time to reaffirm your love for the still image with this collection of comics published by Ablaze, brimming with thrilling stories that span the genres! Based on the long-running manga and anime series, Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac – Time Odyssey has the brave Knights struggling to prevent the renegade god Chronos from undoing time itself. Space Pirate Captain Harlock is a brand-new story set in the timeline of the classic anime series, where the valiant captain and his crew fight to save Earth from terrifying menace from another world. Crueler Than Dead provides a graphic, ultraviolent take on the zombie story set in a Tokyo ravaged by the undead. Get all these comics and over 30 more and help support the Starlight Foundation with your purchase!

Comics for Animate Lovers by Ablaze$410 $18 (For the Full Bundle)

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