Quack Your Way to Terror: Introducing the New Stanley Kubrick Collection of Cosplaying Rubber Duckies

Lights, camera, quack-tion! Are you ready for this? I know I wasn’t!

Numskull just dropped their new TUBBZ cosplaying duck collectibles paying tribute to some of the most iconic characters from Stanley Kubrick’s universe, and they’re totally adorable! Check ’em all out below!

David Bowman: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Instead of a lunar landing, David Bowman is landing in the TUBBZ Collection! He’s had a rough ride, being alone with only a crazy computer for company and is a bit overdressed in his space suit, but you can’t be too careful! A must for Kubrick fans.

Alex DeLarge: A Clockwork Orange

The duck pond has taken a dystopian turn as Alex Delarge joins the collection. There’s no mistaking him, the detail is epic and captures him perfectly. He’s wearing the signature bowler hat, white button-down shirt (or is it a straitjacket) and of course one eye has the weird long eyelashes.

Jack Torrance: The Shining

Here’s ducky! Who can forget that iconic scene in The Shining, now you can recreate it with a TUBBZ version of Jack Torrance, he has his axe at the ready. This official licensed collectible is part of the TUBBZ range, a highly collectible series of your favourite gaming, movie, TV show and pop culture characters in duck form!

Sergeant J.T. Davis: Full Metal Jacket

Sergeant J.T. Davis find himself as a TUBBZ cosplaying rubber duck. He’s been through some rough training to get here, but he’s made it and is looking quack-tastic. The detail is ready for inspection – ‘born to quack’ helmet, glasses, rifle in hand and uniform is pristine! Quick march!

[Stanley Kubrick TUBBZ]

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