John Oliver Trolls Disney With Public Domain Mickey as a Mascot for Last Week Tonight

In a move that’s equal parts cheeky and strategic, John Oliver has kicked off the promotion for the 11th season of “Last Week Tonight” by trolling Disney with none other than Steamboat Willie himself. With Mickey Mouse entering the public domain in certain limited forms, Oliver seized the opportunity to playfully poke at Disney’s iconic character.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oliver brought along a giant, cuddly Steamboat Willie mascot, daring Disney’s lawyers to come after him for the stunt. Colbert couldn’t help but highlight the absurdity of the situation, with Oliver emphasizing that his grayscale, hat-wearing companion was definitely not Mickey Mouse.

“It’s not Mickey Mouse,” Oliver joked, pointing out the differences in color and accessories. “I can’t stress that enough. Luckily there’s no resemblance so there shouldn’t be confusion.”

But Oliver didn’t stop there. He humorously declared himself “legally indestructible” after having been sued and winning once before, suggesting he’s not too worried about any legal repercussions from Disney.

With this bold move, Oliver has set the stage for what promises to be an entertaining season of “Last Week Tonight,” proving once again that he’s not afraid to push boundaries for a good laugh. Tune in to the season premiere this Sunday on HBO to see what other antics Oliver has in store.

[Via CB]

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