Get 7 Mind-Bending Puzzle Games for Just $15 Instead of $192 and Support Charity!

Brain-teasing adventure awaits! If you like puzzle games, the Mind-Bending Masterpieces game bundle is for you! Get 7 AMAZING games for just $15 instead of $192 and support the Global FoodBanking Network at the same time! Most of these games are rated over 92% on Steam!

Engage in the more cerebral part of gaming with this bundle of outstanding puzzle games, which includes some of the most ingeniously designed titles of recent years. In the award-winning Patrick’s Parabox, you’ll expand your perception of geometry, space, and recursion as you puzzle out how to fit boxes within boxes within boxes, ad infinitum. Manifold Garden has you solving physics-defying conundrums in a striking Escher-esque world of infinite architecture. Superliminal tasks you with escaping a mind-bending dream world where depth and perception don’t behave as you’d expect. Pay what you want for 7 mind-bending masterpieces and help support the Global FoodBanking Network with your purchase!

Mind-Bending Masterpieces game bundle$192 $15 + Support Charity!

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