The Legendary Jon Stewart is Returning to The Daily Show

Picture credit: COMEDY CENTRAL

In a surprising twist for fans of late-night television, Jon Stewart, the iconic former host of The Daily Show, is set to make a comeback to the Comedy Central staple, covering the 2024 election. Following the departure of Trevor Noah in 2022 and a year of guest hosts, Stewart’s return has been eagerly anticipated by fans eager to witness his trademark wit and insightful commentary.

Stewart, who originally helmed The Daily Show from 1999 to 2015, will be making a weekly appearance every Monday night, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The decision to limit his appearances to one day a week comes after Stewart expressed the exhaustion associated with the daily grind of hosting the show. By opting for a reduced schedule, Stewart aims to prevent burnout while still contributing his unique perspective to the political landscape.

The renowned comedian will kick off his assignment on February 12 and will also serve as an executive producer for the show. Paramount and Comedy Central’s decision to bring back Jon Stewart reflects a strategic move to infuse the program with the seasoned host’s unparalleled insight during a critical election year.

Stewart’s return to The Daily Show follows his exit from The Problem, a show on Apple TV+, due to creative differences over potential topics and guests. Returning to a previous workplace for another round can be a prudent move, and in Stewart’s case, it is likely to be warmly received by his dedicated fanbase.

The announcement comes after reports suggested that the network sought big names like Amy Schumer and Chris Rock to take over the reins of The Daily Show but failed to secure a deal.

With Stewart’s return, viewers can expect a weekly dose of humor and insight that has been sorely missed since his departure in 2015.

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