Behold the Abomination That is The Furby Chaos Bag

Prepare to be disturbed as Spanish bag and accessories designer Enrique Puente unleashes his latest creation upon the world – the Furby Chaos Bag. Furbies, with their uncanny ability to straddle the fine line between adorable and monstrously ugly, have become a cult favorite for those who appreciate the unsettling charm of the uncanny valley. Puente took this fascination to a whole new level with the creation of the “Furby Chaos Bag.”

Crafted in tan bull smooth leather and white shearling, with contrasting white stitching and black edges, reusing old Furby toys; mixing saddle-stitched and machine-sewing techniques.

As far as I’m concerned, this bag is an abomination, and for once, I consider this a good thing! Watch as the Lovecraftian creation talks and pulsate to the rhythm of multiple beating Furby hearts.

[Source: @enrique_puente_ on Instagram]

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