Optimize Your RAM Under Windows with Windows Memory Cleaner!

Are you tired of your Windows PC feeling slow due to memory-hogging applications? If so, it’s time to reclaim your system’s precious RAM! Introducing Windows Memory Cleaner, a tool designed to optimize your computer’s memory.

This simple application uses Windows’ native features to clear memory areas, preventing your PC from slowing down to a crawl. What sets Windows Memory Cleaner apart is that you don’t have to actually install it to use it! Just run the executable and you are good to go.

Another cool thing about the tool is that it can be set to ignore specific processes, saving you the trouble of constantly monitoring and adjusting its settings. It also offers several other awesome features such as automatic optimization at regular intervals, the ability to target specific memory areas for cleaning, and support for multiple languages.

Interested in trying it out? Be sure to visit the project’s GitHub page to give it a try for yourself!

[Via Korben.info (French)]

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