Bad CGI Gator: When Terrible Special Effects Meet Hungry Reptiles, Hilarity Ensues! [Trailer]

Full Moon Features, The Studio Behind Barbenheimer, has just dropped the trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy film, “Bad CGI Gator.” This movie promises to be a wild and hilarious ride through the swamplands of Georgia.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect: Six college grads embark on a spring break adventure and find themselves in a cabin deep within the murky swamplands of Georgia. Feeling the youthful urge to rebel against the pressures of their academic lives, they make the seemingly innocent decision to toss their school laptops into a nearby backyard lake. Little do they know, this impulsive act will unleash a lurking, ancient alligator and transform it into the terrifying and insatiable… “BAD CGI GATOR.”

“Bad CGI Gator” is set to premiere on November 24th, and you can catch all the action on Amazon Prime Video.

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