Step into the 1980s: Man Builds Perfect Video Store in His Basement

Mondo Video

In an age where streaming services have largely replaced physical video rentals, one man has embarked on a journey into the past, creating a nostalgia-filled haven right in his basement. Meet Anthony Sant’Anselmo, a daytime animator at South Park Studios and a nighttime curator of his very own 1980s video store, appropriately named “Mondo Video.”

While Anthony may spend his daylight hours crafting animated hilarity for one of the most irreverent shows on television, his moonlighting job as the sole proprietor and customer of a 1980s video store is a labor of love. The project has taken him five years to construct, but the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Walking into Mondo Video feels like stepping into a time machine. Rows upon rows of VHS tapes line the shelves. Vintage movie posters and neon signs adorn the walls, immersing visitors in a world of nostalgia. Everything from the classic blockbusters to obscure B-movies is meticulously categorized, just as you’d find in a genuine 1980s video rental store.

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